Thursday, 19 May 2011

This card I made for my sister.

I made this card using beads.  I like to use beads
in some of the cards that I make.
When I was making this card I really didn't think
it was going to look any good but I was very pleased
with the end product

I love this card.  I feel it is just so elegant.

This card was made for my nephew and
his wife on the birth of the first child,
a little girl.

This is a design by a Dutch designer, Karin.
I have bought a lot of her designs

I absolutely love doing stitching cards.  As you can see from my samples I do various different designs, some with beads and some without.  I especially love doing Ann's Paper Art patterns.  


  1. WOW, this is a beautiful card.
    Hugs Bea/ Mara

  2. Such a beautiful cards! Well done

    Hugs karin

  3. Your cards are really beautiful. I particularly love the 3rd one down from the top, it is really lovely. Well done
    Supernan Sue x