Thursday, 19 May 2011

This card I made for my sister.

I made this card using beads.  I like to use beads
in some of the cards that I make.
When I was making this card I really didn't think
it was going to look any good but I was very pleased
with the end product

I love this card.  I feel it is just so elegant.

This card was made for my nephew and
his wife on the birth of the first child,
a little girl.

This is a design by a Dutch designer, Karin.
I have bought a lot of her designs

I absolutely love doing stitching cards.  As you can see from my samples I do various different designs, some with beads and some without.  I especially love doing Ann's Paper Art patterns.  

Stitching cards: Ann's Paper Art Challenge Card.

Stitching cards: Ann's Paper Art Challenge Card.

Ann's Paper Art Challenge Card.

    This card was made for Ann's Paper Art  Card Challenge.
This lovely pattern can be downloaded from Ann's Paper Art Blog
Hi, my name is Anna and I love stitching cards.  I started making cards about a year and a half ago but soon found that I really love making stitched cards and also cards with beads on them.  I find it so relaxing.  I will display a few of my cards on here and any comments would be appreciated.