Saturday, 10 September 2011

Wow I thought I had better have a look to see when was the last time I downloaded some cards on here.  Where has the time gone?  Well I had better show you some more of my creations.  Some the cards I am about to show you were made as a punishment.  On Ann's Paperart Forum we have a game going called the Punishment Game,  Each month we are given 4 words that we are not allowed to use in any of our posts.  WORK is a permanent word and then there are three different ones per month.  If we use any of the words then we have to make a punishment card.  The first three or four offences, the cards are sent to secret recipients, or secret squirrels as we call them. One of  the other participants in the game decides who the secret squirrel is.  For the remainder of the offences one of the other participants chooses a pattern for a card, whether it is for a birthday or for Christmas and what colour to stitch it.  All cards go into a contest and a winner is chosen at the end of the month.  It is so much fun as we have to dob on whoever makes a boo boo.  At the end of the month the person who makes the most boo boos is given the title of Queen of the Needles.  Not all these cards are punishment cards.  All these cards were made using the patterns of Ann's Paper Art.

 This card I made for my partner's birthday
 This is a Thank You card I made for the staff at
my work.  On my last day they put on a lovely
farewell afternoon tea for me.
 This was a punishment card I had to make.  
I had to make a Christmas card in Blue and Silver.
 This was another punishment card.  I had to make 
a birthday card for a secret recipient.  Pattern was
my choice.
This card was also a punishment card, but I can tell
you it was no punishment making it.  It was for the designer 
of the patterns I use, Ann of Ann's Paper Art,  for her 50th birthday.
 This was another punishment card sent to a secret squirrel.
 Another punishment card.  The theme of this card was
that it had to be comical.
 This card and the one below it was another punishment card
We had to make two Christmas cards, one in purple tonings
and one in blue and gold tonings.

 This card and the one below it is one of Ann's patterns 
using a combination of stitching and Hobbydots.
I really enjoyed doing these.

This card I made for Breast Cancer Awareness.